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How to Make The Perfect Espresso

A decent coffee basically has a roast date at its label. That is important because the age of the coffee has an impact on its taste and is also the key to make the perfect espresso. Aside from making sure that you have the best coffee and espresso machine. The coffee itself is the main character. A regular espresso is made from capao, which is a Brazilian single-origin dark-roasted bean. To make the perfect espresso, you want to get dark roasts since it is more complex and features chocolate and caramel flavors. The light roast features fruitier and floral taste.

The espresso drink will also depend on your recipe. It will also rely on the water temperature, dose of espresso beans and the amount of espresso you are making. The time that it takes for the espresso machine produce your espresso shot and grind consistency will also have an impact on the taste of your espresso. For inquiries, you can click here.

Basically, it is best if the coffee or espresso machine are set between 92 to 96 Celsius. There are some regular machines who can't hold their temperature consistently. So make sure that you find a quality coffee and espresso machine if you want to get quality results as well.

Most often baristas use 18g dry coffee to get a 30ml double espresso. That offers the best taste which just has the right balance. But some regular Italian espresso only uses 14g dose of dry coffee for a 30ml double espresso. Basically, it just depends on your taste on how strong you want it to be. The post at will give you more ideas on how to make the perfect espresso.

When it comes to the extraction and grind. It is best to just limit it to 30 seconds to extract and that means half a minute to switch between water flow into on and off. The timing also depends to get a good grind. It needs regular adjustment so that no two batches of beans are the same. The change of temperature of your grinder will fluctuate the fineness. So you need full control on these things.

Everything mentioned about varies according to your coffee and espresso machine and also your palate. Since you now know that basics, it is now best to experiment and achieve the taste that you want. You have to watch out for the extraction time if it goes through faster then usual, then the grind will be too coarse.

You also need to make sure that you clean your machine properly especially the basket. Oily residue will eventually taint the taste of your coffee. Read on for more info.